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Rebecca Lisle




Padlocked Man is made from dowel and scraps of wood from the local skips. Balancing the spaces with the material and still trying to convey the original message is hard.



                     Home For Some


Dowel on a big block of lovely wood.




57 x 32 x 18 cms



Something's Wrong With Me


56 x 22 x 16 cms


              Split Pod


Split Pod is made from dowel.  It could be closed - each side has protrusions that fit perfectly into the dips on the other half.


Including base:

30 x 25 x 15 cms


                  Pale For Weariness


Dowel and nothing else except a bit of paint and glue.

40 x 23 x 15 cms



                      Coming Up Sideways


Made from painted dowel  

           Nothing Lasts




Wooden dowel and sliced scraps of wood.

The bottom base is a bit of oak floor board.



48 x 40 x 15 cms


                          Brief Tragedy




The narrower rods are wicker from an old wicker chair. They have just enough of a slight bend in them to look as if they're being pulled apart which was what I wanted.



  Woman in a Yellow Hat



Dowel with offcuts. Paint and wood stain.


44 x 23 x 15 cms



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