2021 Society Women's Artists Sculpture Prize
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Rebecca Lisle Member Bath Society of Artists 2023Society Women's Artist Sculpture Prize 2021Bath Society Artists Sculpture Prize 2018 


JULY 2017:  Society of Women Artist's Summer Exhibition:  Something's Wrong With Me.

June 2017: Bath Society of Artists: Experiment of Green

April 2017: Art Maze Mag International Edition No. 2



Black Swan Open: Spring Unravels.

RWA Autumn Exhibition: Pale Sentinel

ING: The Faded Blue

Wells Art Contemporary: Ornamental Winter

Bath Society of Artists: Pale Sentinel - award the BSA Sculpture Prize

Broadway Arts: Faded Blue and Thinking in Broken Images

Kunsthuis Gallery: The Answer in Their Eyes & Elemental



Bath Society of Artists: Ghosts in the Air

ING, Discerning Eye: Owl Seed

Evolver Magazine: Snow Fall on Cedars

David Simon Contemporary Gallery: Selection of work




Aberdeen Society of Artists Annual: Time Will Say Nothing, Seaside, Toppling

Broadway Arts: Winter Broken, Toppling, Something Red

Bath Society of Artists: Looking Glass



Visual Arts Open: Beyond the Forest, Winter Broken, At the Seaside

SWA: Winter Tree, Out of Context, How Things Were

Malago, MEGALITH: Several pieces in a small show of local artists

Bath Society Of Artists: Reflection. SOLD







The Studio/Workshop 


June 2017





Friends have been clearing out a shed/garage and I've filled up my storage space with loads of lovely old wood.  It would have been dumped otherwise.

Autumn/Winter 2016



The days are shorter and darker and I'm back in the studio again and so happy... tho not happy to see the moths have been at my tarten blanket.... Woodworking and sculpting is mainly a winter activity because the basement where I work is dark and cold in the summer and wild horses won't drag me down there when the sun is shining.  The rooms are transformed in the winter with central heating and lights.


I'm starting out on some new projects, trying to make some free standing pieces as well as some new types of wall mounted work comprising of small bits and pieces.


I've also ordered some more dowel from Northumberland from the Man up There. I don't know how anyone could have 3,000 bits of dowel, but he does and now I'm waiting for a delivery of another 700.  That should keep me going for a few years and also prevent me from being stingy with what I've got.


November 10 2016

Using off cuts to make a board of squares. The grain of the wood is extraordinary. The finished product looks like a game of some sort - a cross between dominoes and chess.

I used the horrible noisy and scary table top saw for some of the cutting then went back to my band saw which is quieter and gives a neater cut.  Learning all the time about these machines.

The timber comes from a skip and I shan't use anything except discarded bits for my next piece. Waste not want not. 




Works in Progress November 2016

The beginnings of things:

First free standing piece. 

Wood grain - amazing

Close up of the half done piece

A game? 

50 x 50 cms

It's tempting to leave it like this with just the marks on it.

Dots and dashes

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