Rebecca Lisle
Rebecca Lisle

Rebecca Lisle


Rebecca is based in Bristol and works from her basement studio at home. She makes unique wooden sculptures from household waste & car boot sale finds.

Rebecca has a BSc in Plant Biology & an MA in creative writing.

She has written and published many children's books. 



Artist Statement:


These sculptures have developed from my lifelong study of botany and a love of making things.


The work is inspired by all organic forms, but particularly seed heads and pods, flower design and high magnification transverse sections of stems and roots.


An equally important aspect of my work is the process by which the sculptures are made. This involves cutting, joining and constructing elements by hand. Also responding to the surface, texture and tactile nature of wood, so the sculpture evolves as I work with the components. This procedure becomes an intrinsic part of the model: the finished sculpture isn't only what it set out to represent, it becomes an object where the sense of what's been done, of pieces being moved and fixed is what it finally is. 


All the pieces are composed of a mixture of elements, many of which I have found. Discovering a use for a discarded object brings an unknown element to the sculpture and encourages my inventiveness. 


On the wall the 3D nature of the constructions brings new aspects to it. Light falls casting shadows and enhancing the structural and architectural form.




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