2021 Society Women's Artists Sculpture Prize
Rebecca Lisle Member Bath Society of Artists 2023 Society Women's Artist Sculpture Prize 2021 Bath Society Artists Sculpture Prize 2018
Rebecca Lisle Member Bath Society of Artists 2023Society Women's Artist Sculpture Prize 2021Bath Society Artists Sculpture Prize 2018 

Rebecca Lisle


Rebecca is based in Bristol and works from her basement studio at home. She makes unique wooden sculptures from household waste & car boot sale finds.

Rebecca has a BSc in Plant Biology & an MA in creative writing.

She has written and published many children's books. 



Artist Statement:



Recycling brings new life to an abandoned object and allows an unknown element to exist in my sculpture, encouraging inventiveness and it is important to me that the wood I use is salvaged. The starting point of many of my recent sculptures is broom sticks, bought cheaply as these were originally intended for the Chinese market and found to be too short for Europeans, and so unwanted. I am constantly finding new ways of using them – honing them, slicing them and juxtaposing them with angular shapes. I also scavenge for just the right piece of wood in skips or on pavements and I’ve picked up oak floorboards, chair legs, table tops and wine racks, which have all been given a second life in my work.


Studying plant biology for my degree inspires many of the forms and structures of my sculpture, sometimes consciously, but often quite unconsciously. This detailed understanding of the anatomy of plants and flowers and how various elements function and fit together informs my approach to building sculpture. In the making process I find I recognise fresh associations when observing how one element of an object might connect with another and so make decisions about how to proceed. The dynamics of shape, pattern and material together with curiosity about the world around us and finding imaginative connections between these starting points, is the basis of my work.


The procedure is very important; everything is joined and constructed by hand. It is a slow, meditative process. Since the elements determine the finished product, I’m often unsure of what the final piece will look like. It is sometimes hidden in the shape of the piece of scrap wood I’ve found. I rarely use a nail or a screw, but mainly wooden pegs and glue to hold things together. 


Recent exhibitions include: David Simon Contemporary Gallery, Kunthius Gallery, Royal West of England Academy, Society of Women Artists, Discerning Eye, and others. In 2018 I won the Bath Society of Artist’s Sculpture Prize.



In 2006 I was awarded an MA in Creative writing from Bath Spa University and I am the published author of over 30 children’s books.







Works are for sale unless stated otherwise  

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