2021 Society Women's Artists Sculpture Prize
Rebecca Lisle Member Bath Society of Artists 2023 Society Women's Artist Sculpture Prize 2021 Bath Society Artists Sculpture Prize 2018
Rebecca Lisle Member Bath Society of Artists 2023Society Women's Artist Sculpture Prize 2021Bath Society Artists Sculpture Prize 2018 

Sculptures - Wall-Mounted

The Winter of the World 

63 cms

9 kg




Faces from the Studio Floor



All the faces came from scraps of leftover wood that I'd swept up off the floor and kept. I didn't make any of the shapes purposefully and once I'd started to make the construction, I didn't allow mayself to make anything for it.  I did use a few beads in the eyes which was a bit of a cheat, but they would have otherwise been binned.



60 x 61 x 13


Framed and glazed.

Elemental Brown


Torn between using colour and letting the natural brown of the wood be the colour of the finished piece... I painted some of the dowel and the wire was white so there is colour there.





Centre - made from the old cot, dowelling, beads and coathanger wire.








Close up of the centre.











Mixed media.  Everything was found somewhere in the house or on the street.


size:  60 x 58 cms








Little Acts of Kindness



Framed, 60 x 60 cms


Mixed media.

Death is a Still Drop


Size: 60 x 60 x 15 cm


Dowel. Heavy duty filler, blackened


Weight: about 5 kg




What Lies Beneath


Dowel and off cuts.


Size: about 60 x 60 cm


Weight: 5 kg

​I cut off the surface of the dowel using an electric cutter and was left with a wonderful pattern on the dowel below and decided to keep that. The central part is turned on a wood lathe. Originally I intended to have a central column but the hollow works better. There is an in/out, negative/positive feel to this piece.

Winter Garden 1970



Autumn Garden 1970  


Size: 68 x 68 x13 cms




Weight: about 10 kg

Reclaimed wooden child's cot, oak from a skip, nails and ink.


The Lake at the bottom of the Hill

The Lake at the bottom of the Hill


Size:  60 x 54 x 12 cms


Weight: about 7 kg


Recycled Northumberland broom handles, dowel, offcuts.

Winter Garden 1970



Blue Stigma With Style



Size: 68 x 68 x13 cms




Weight: about 15 kg

Reclaimed wooden dowel.

Autumn 1975



Summer 1975  


Size: 68 x 68 x 15 cms


Weight: about 14 kg


Pine and hardwood dowel. Reclaimed wood, copper nails, antique copper wire, paint and inks.




Blue Glass


Blue Glass


Size: 58 cms diamater


Weight: about 8 kg


Reclaimed wood, ply, dowel and an antique French crystal stopper.




Blue Chrysanthemum



Blue Chrysanthemum


Size: 68 x 68 x 15 cms




Weight: about 13 kg


Various individually cut segments of ply wood, wooden dowelling, nails, paint and ink.




Snow Fall On Cedars



Snow Fall on Cedars


Size: 63 cms diameter


Weight: about 10 kg


Reycled broom handles, plywood, dowel and mirror.

A Squandered Summer



A Squandered Summer


Size: 41 cms square


Weight: about 6 kg


Reycled broom handles, children's cot, reclaimed oak flooring and old copper nails.

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