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Rebecca Lisle

Sculptures - Wall-Mounted



Faces from the Studio Floor



All the faces came from scraps of leftover wood that I'd swept up off the floor and kept. I didn't make any of the shapes purposefully and once I'd started to make the construction, I didn't allow mayself to make anything for it.  I did use a few beads in the eyes which was a bit of a cheat, but they would have otherwise been binned.



60 x 61 x 13


Framed and glazed.

Elemental Brown


Torn between using colour and letting the natural brown of the wood be the colour of the finished piece... I painted some of the dowel and the wire was white so there is colour there.





Centre - made from the old cot, dowelling, beads and coathanger wire.








Close up of the centre.











Mixed media.  Everything was found somewhere in the house or on the street.


size:  60 x 58 cms








Little Acts of Kindness



Framed, 60 x 60 cms


Mixed media.

Death is a Still Drop


Size: 60 x 60 x 15 cm


Dowel. Heavy duty filler, blackened


Weight: about 5 kg




What Lies Beneath


Dowel and off cuts.


Size: about 60 x 60 cm


Weight: 5 kg

​I cut off the surface of the dowel using an electric cutter and was left with a wonderful pattern on the dowel below and decided to keep that. The central part is turned on a wood lathe. Originally I intended to have a central column but the hollow works better. There is an in/out, negative/positive feel to this piece.

Winter Garden 1970



Autumn Garden 1970  


Size: 68 x 68 x13 cms




Weight: about 10 kg

Reclaimed wooden child's cot, oak from a skip, nails and ink.


The Lake at the bottom of the Hill

The Lake at the bottom of the Hill


Size:  60 x 54 x 12 cms


Weight: about 7 kg


Recycled Northumberland broom handles, dowel, offcuts.

Winter Garden 1970



Blue Stigma With Style



Size: 68 x 68 x13 cms




Weight: about 15 kg

Reclaimed wooden dowel.

Autumn 1975



Summer 1975  


Size: 68 x 68 x 15 cms


Weight: about 14 kg


Pine and hardwood dowel. Reclaimed wood, copper nails, antique copper wire, paint and inks.




Blue Glass


Blue Glass


Size: 58 cms diamater


Weight: about 8 kg


Reclaimed wood, ply, dowel and an antique French crystal stopper.




Blue Chrysanthemum



Blue Chrysanthemum


Size: 68 x 68 x 15 cms




Weight: about 13 kg


Various individually cut segments of ply wood, wooden dowelling, nails, paint and ink.




Snow Fall On Cedars



Snow Fall on Cedars


Size: 63 cms diameter


Weight: about 10 kg


Reycled broom handles, plywood, dowel and mirror.

A Squandered Summer



A Squandered Summer


Size: 41 cms square


Weight: about 6 kg


Reycled broom handles, children's cot, reclaimed oak flooring and old copper nails.

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